Water Processing

Water processing solutions and Russell Finex

For years, we have helped clean wastewater before disposal, process effluent and we have recently been focusing on helping companies produce greener energy sources or improve their current energy production processes.



We have worked closely with hundreds of companies committed to improving their environmental impact over the years, and have built up an impressive reference list of major customers.

Some key applications

Water Treatment
Water Treatment

In recent years, environmental legislation either bans water with excessive levels of solids, or charges for treating it at a price according to the level of solids, BOD or COD. It makes sense, therefore, to clean up the water to avoid or reduce those costs. In doing so, processors have also justified in cost terms the recovery of many by-products including water itself.

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"With reduced waste disposal costs and greater production uptime, the Liquid Solid Separator is playing an integral role in helping Finlay’s remain the UK’s leading manufacturers of decaffeinated and specialty teas."
Malcolm Eade, Plant Manager