Our mission statement, 'Customer Trust, a Russell Must', burns brightly in our company. Our goals and objectives are updated annually ensuring we remain at the forefront of process solutions.

Ray Singh
Managing Director, Russell Finex


What our clients say about us

"We required a sieving system that would enable us to check-screen the milk powder to meet the standard set not only by Nestlé but also by Chile and the countries the milk powder is being exported to. With the industry moving towards 2mm screening, it was important to choose a sieve that would meet this criteria without slowing down the production process."
Nestlé Chile
Jaime Sanchez

"The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is not only able to filter high viscosity pastes whilst keeping the product in a liquid state, but is also easy to maintain. With the added benefit of not needing to replace the filter media, this has been the filter we have been searching for. We would certainly recommend the Russell Eco Filter to producers of high viscosity liquids."
Mondelez International
Alex Pardon
"Any risk of product contamination has been eliminated completely with the Russell compact screeners. Compared to the rotary units we replaced, they are very simple to dismantle and clean. In addition, we no longer have pieces of nylon mesh finding their way into the product which was a frequent problem we experienced with the rotary screening machines."
Jotun A/S
Idar Larsen
"During initial product trials, we recognized how the new Airlock screener utilizes the Russell Compact technology to increase screening efficiency allowing even sticky products to be sieved without blinding."
Tapas Datta
"The Compact sieves have allowed us to maximize productivity while ensuring a consistently high quality product. These vibrating screens are robust, well-built and their design makes them very user-friendly and easy to strip down for cleaning."
Centura Foods
David Caddell
"I’m sure the Eco Filter has paid for itself in terms of productivity and waste elimination. But perhaps the health and safety benefits have saved us even more."
Neville Chemical Company
Rob Lonergan, General Manager Anaheim plant
"With the Vibrasonic system, we have been able to work with medical customers to achieve their specifications for fine powders and tight particle size distributions. Any manufacturing process requiring precise, efficient screening below 150µm or above 100 mesh should consider such a system."
Reading Alloys
Dr. Colin McCracken, Development Manager of Powder Products
"With reduced waste disposal costs and greater production uptime, the Liquid Solid Separator is playing an integral role in helping Finlay’s remain the UK’s leading manufacturers of decaffeinated and specialty teas."
Malcolm Eade, Plant Manager
"After we replaced the five original separators with new ones from Russell Finex, we increased throughput by almost 50%."
Tom Oldaker, Plant manager Attapulgus site
"We specified a Russell sieve because we have already experienced Russell quality and are completely confident in the equipment’s reliability, and the service offered by the company is second to none."
Royal Crown Derby, Derby
Brian Bourne, Slip House Manager
"By responding so quickly to our needs, Russell Finex helps us respond to the marketplace. That’s key in a market as competitive as ours. Compared to our previous screeners, we’ve doubled capacity in half the space. The units last and last -- we’re still using our original 15-year old screener in mass production."
Becky Pitz, Senior Process Engineer, TABS Toner Products
"Because Russell Finex expedited delivery, we were operational in less than four weeks after our initial contact. This allowed us to meet our customer obligations efficiently and saved us additional cost from project delays."
Quintin Richard, Packaging Supervisor
"As we've grown, the Russell Finex Screeners have helped us optimize our quality and production. They've been an integral part of our growth as we've produced OTC medications and raised the bar on dietary supplements to pharmaceutical standards."
Enzymatic Therapy
Dave Hoffman, Production Lead
vibro screen separator
"Having a global recall is something that we are unable to quantify in terms of costs. However, with the new Russell systems in place we have complete peace of mind that our product is being supplied to the highest standards."
Godiva Chocolate Inc.
Peter Van Ingelghem, Engineering and Maintenance Manager
"Russell Finex were the only company willing to provide us with a test unit before we had to commit to any equipment. Because of this, we ran the trial unit for approximately one month before deciding that this was clearly the right choice for us."
Veolia Environmental Services
Peter Hithersay, Plant Manager Sheffield
"By testing the Compact Sieve and the Vibrasonic System at our production site we were certain the equipment could meet our requirements. We were more than satisfied with this service offered by Russell Finex as it assured us we were making the right investment."
Profel Extrusion & Finishing
Patrick Follon, Production Manager