Liquid separation at Actagro

With the installation of liquid separation equipment Actagro improves product quality and productivity

Actagro is a manufacturer of organic acid-based agricultural products that are highly effective with plant nutrients. Actagro was looking to improve its own manufacturing processes by making it more cost effective to optimize a source input process through the production chain. With centrifuge separators proving costly, Actagro sought a cost effective alternative.


After a one-month on-site trial of a Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ demo unit, Actagro purchased the separator and installed the unit before the stainless steel settling vats to remove oversize insoluble material from the slurry. The liquid solid separation machinery was selected due to its high flow rates and production volume which helped reduce the company’s insoluble settling time in half during the decanting process.

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"We got more out of our buck than we could have with a centrifuge. The unit is portable and compact so we move it around where needed. Another plus is that it's helped us cut water use by up to 30 percent since we use less water to clean out the decanting vats. As water resources get tighter, especially on the West Coast, that's becoming important."
Jon Wiltfang

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