Self-cleaning filtration systems for animal fat screening

Italian food consortium, Consorzio Latterie Virgillio uses the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® to produce animal fat by-products from waste

Consorzio Latterie Virgillio is a leading Italian food association who works with dairies and farmers and focuses mainly on the production of dairy products including butter, fresh cream and aged cheese. While producing these products the company identified the opportunity to expand its product range by producing two key animal fat by-products – an animal fat spread and biodiesel.

In order to process these animal fat by-products Virgillio required a new processing line and therefore sought a customized processing solution. A well known engineering house combined its expertise with Russell Finex – global leader in sieving and filtration equipment and supplied a self-cleaning in-line filter to Virgillio remove any oversize contamination.

Industrial filter for processing animal fat

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® eliminates the need for filter bags and cartridges due to its unique SpiroKlene™ wiper system, which allows higher production rates as there are no stoppages to change filter bags and cartridges. These industrial filters were the ideal solution for the application and customized to meet the exact requirements. Due to the nature of the product being processed, a second filter was also installed at the plant acting as a Clean-in-Place system to circulate cleaning solution water around the pipework.

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