Check Screening of Milk Powder at Nestlé Chile

Russell Finex helps Nestlé safeguard product quality at their new 26,000 tonnes/year milk powder processing plant in Chile

With an increasing demand for milk powder products, Nestlé have set up a new factory in Osorno, Chile. The new plant, using highly advanced technology, produces milk products with added nutritional value. With the requirement of using the most up to date and highest quality sieving machinery, Russell Finex, a long term supplier to Nestlé, provided a built in screening solution for the new plant.

Milk Powder vibrating sifter Russell Compact Sieve installed at Nestle

Rotary sifters are commonly used for screening powders, however this method can create problems such as mesh breakage and irregular screening. One alternative is to use gravity fed sifters to solve this issue. After thoroughly discussing their requirements with Russell Finex, the Russell Compact Sieve®  was recommended being best suited to suit their requirements. Unlike many traditional screens, the Russell Compact Sieve® provides high performance screening without affecting flow rates and can screen & sieve milk powder at a finer mesh size. The vibro sifter Russell Compact Sieve® provides a contamination free sieving operation and all contact parts are made with high quality stainless steel, which allows easy cleaning in between batches. With less contact parts cleaning is quick without the need for extra tools.

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"We required a sieving system that would enable us to check-screen the milk powder to meet the standard set not only by Nestlé but also by Chile and the countries the milk powder is being exported to. With the industry moving towards 2mm screening, it was important to choose a sieve that would meet this criteria without slowing down the production process."
Nestlé Chile
Jaime Sanchez

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