Customized pharmaceutical sieving solution at PSL

PSL high containment isolator with Russell Finex pharmaceutical sieving solution combine to provide customized unit for pharmaceutical manufacturer

PSL has extensive experience designing and engineering advanced containment systems for the pharmaceutical, chemical and laboratory industries globally. When a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer was looking for a customized pharmaceutical sieving solution, PSL combined their technology with Russell Finex, a global leader in manufacturing high performance sieving solutions, to provide a customized solution.

PSL Contained Pharmaceutical Sieving Machine Russell FinexA high containment sieving solution was required to allow the customer to manufacture potent compounds to CGMP standards. PSL combined its high containment isolator with the Russell Compact Sieve® to provide a unique, risk-free, functional solution to safely sieve hazardous material, effective enough to process compounds with an occupational exposure limit of less than 1.0μg/m3.

PSL’s isolator has a half-body suit which allows safe access to the interior of the chamber, ensuring the operator remains safe during contact with the product. The Russell Compact Sieve® was selected due to its compact size and ability to provide higher throughputs compared to traditional rotary sifters.

A customized sieving machine was manufactured on this occasion, with the sieve motor placed outside of the isolator, to avoid explosion risks. This was then placed in a control cabinet with a plate separating the motor from the sieve.

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