Filtering of Liquid Inks at INX International

INX International improve productivity and product quality by using Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filters

Inx International is a leader in decorative printing inks for beverage cans, and has utilized Russell Finex’s liquid filters to increase productivity and to prevent damage to machines further down the process line. Inx International realised that metallic contamination was entering their process line during the production of their liquid ink mix. With the approaching risk of contamination which is damaging expensive machinery, the company decided that installing a permanent filtration system would help them to protect their equipment.


The solution was the installation of six Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filters® to filter the liquid mix with 200 micron screens to eliminate metallic particles and other foreign contamination. These industrial self-cleaning filters not only improved the quality of the product but also helped in reducing waste, which enabled Inx International to operate leaner through improved productivity.

The Russell Eco Filter® is a self-cleaning industrial strainer that can easily fit into existing production lines and eliminates the usage of cartridge and filter bags. This industrial filter is engineered for easy handling with less contact parts to help with smooth assembly and dis-assembly during color changes, with minimal disruption to operation. The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is available in different sizes to suit different flow rates.

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"We’re planning to expand the Charlotte plant sometime in the future, so I anticipate we’ll be adding another Russell filter to ensure ink purity and improve operation efficiency."
INX International
Bill Black

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Self-Cleaning Filters

Our range of filtration equipment is ideal for removing oversize contamination from liquids. With our unique self-cleaning design, there are no stoppages to change filter elements, increasing your productivity.

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