The Russell Compact Self-loading Sieve

Automated pneumatic vibrating screen for powders and granules

Russell Finex introduces the newly improved Russell Compact Self-Loading Sieve™, a complete stand-alone fully enclosed system to convey, screen and discharge your material in one easy operation.

Many companies require the need to blend powders or granules which is done manually by operators debagging materials. To solve this problem and to satisfy HACCP Russell Finex brings a solution which can help to avoid contamination entering in the final product. The new Russell Compact Self-Loading Sieve™ is ideal to carry out such processes. It is a fully automated machine, capable of automated and enclosed screening and can convey powders or granules up to 10 meters with less reliance on the operator. This system removes the need for extra feeders, conveyors and discharge systems.

This revolutionary system has been integrated with the highly acclaimed Russell Compact Sieve®, a vibratory sieve known for its high capacity and safety screening of powders and granules. This vibratory sieve has been designed in a manner to allow the operator a quick strip down as it comes with less contact parts and quick releasing clamps has been used which removes the need for extra tools. The Russell Compact Self-Loading Sieve™ is a complete solution and has many advantages such as removing product handling and product loss caused due to carrying material in feeders and hoppers, protecting the product from being damaged and also protecting the operator’s health and safety. Additionally it reduces the cost associated with installation and operators as there is no need for extra feeders, conveyors and discharge systems.

How the Russell Compact Self-Loading Sieve operates

The self-loading sieve starts by taking material through an electric pump (exhauster) via vaccum into the screener. There is a filter integrated in the lid of sieve which removes the air from the material. Also incorporated is a control system which gives three adjustable pre-sets for customers to set according to the need of the requirement for loading and screening The control system switches off the vacuum and the material sieves is discharged and collected into a container, and this is how the cycle goes and ready to screen again. This fully automated pneumatic vibrating screen provide maximum separation onto the screen because the product is flowing to the sieve in a straight line giving no stoppages or delay before the product gets discharged.

Russell Finex is one of the world’s best vibrating screen manufacturers, providing many customized solutions to manufacturing companies of pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries. This Russell Compact Self-Loading Sieve™ is best suited for such industries due to its functionality of dust free screening of powders or granules. It can be incorporated above a mixer to screen food ingredients such as flours, sugars and flavourings to ensure a quality product. As this system has an enclosed body this feature makes it an ideal vibrating screen particularly for pharmaceutical and chemical industries where companies concerns relate to safeguarding operators from harmful dusts and fumes.

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