Filtering adhesive resins

With the installation of the filtration machinery, Lucite International Group Ltd optimizes its adhesive resins quality and increases production efficiency

Self cleaning filter for adhesives Lucite International Group Ltd (known as Lucite) is a part of the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation which specializes in manufacturing acrylic-based products. With several manufacturing facilities around the world, Lucite manufactures polymers, monomers, composites and resins for numerous applications such as dental, medical, coatings, adhesives and glass. At one of its facilities in Newton Aycliff, UK, Lucite manufactures specially designed premium polymers and resins.

In the production of adhesive resins, Lucite had faced difficulties with the filtration process, and since this is a key stage which ensures the removal of oversized particles and agglomerates which can affect the quality and consistency of the final product, it was very imperative to find an alternative filtration solution.

Lucite was using traditional static basket strainers for the filtration process, which proved very difficult due to the high-viscous and sticky nature of the adhesives.

Satisfied with the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® used for other applications, Lucite once again approached Russell Finex who recommended the EF803 model of the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter®. This high-performance self-cleaning strainer protects the quality of high-viscosity liquids such as adhesive resins ensuring the removal of contamination and achievement of required throughput rate.

Along with the filtration equipment, Russell Finex has also installed several separation equipment at Lucite’s Newton Aycliffe site on a separate production line satisfying the application requirements of polymer beads.

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