Ultrasonic screening solution for powder coatings

Utilizing the Finex Separator™ and Vibrasonic® Deblinding System, a Leading Chinese coatings manufacturer increases production rates

The Chinese industrial coatings industry is expanding with new stricter environmental protection policies and the enhancement of national environmental protection awareness. With this development, manufacturers face an increased demand for environmentally friendly coatings, and a higher cost for raw materials and labor.

In light of growing demand, a leading coatings manufacturer looked for an innovative and efficient ways to expand its manufacturing process. While conducting a detailed search, the company contacted Russell Finex to provide a screening solution for removing contaminants from fine powder caused by material that has polymerized during upstream processes.

Screening ensures only the correct particle size powder passes through to the filling line. With traditional separators, manufacturers face issue of mesh blinding where finer powder can block the mesh screen and reduce efficiency. To counteract this, coatings manufacturers use nylon tapping balls or discs to assist with powder screening. However, this can lead to mesh damage and potentially contaminate the coatings as they wear, harming the quality of the final product.

Following a consultation with a local sales representative, it was decided that a combination of the Finex Separator™ and Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System would best meet the requirements. The machine was installed in the production plant instead of the traditional separators.

Screening machine for powder coatings

The Finex Separator™ is designed to deliver high-capacity, accurate grading of up to five fractions of powders and granules in one operation. This revolutionary vibratory separator benefits from major advances in separation technology to deliver significant improvements in screening accuracy, capacity, noise levels and upgradeability compared with traditional spring-mounted separators.

The ultrasonic deblinding system applies a low amplitude but very high frequency to the mesh which prevents blinding and allows particle screening down to 20 microns. The powder coating company observed an increase in production efficiency, consistent product quality, reduced loss of good product and downtime as there is no need to remove the mesh to clean it.

Russell Finex is a global leader in manufacturing and supplying of fine mesh separation technology serving industries such as food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, metal powders, coatings and many more. With over 50 years in the industry, Russell Finex has the knowledge and expertise to provide businesses with the custom-built sieving and filtration solutions to improve product quality and productivity.

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Ultrasonic screen for powder coating
“This industrial grading sieve not only has a large capacity and is convenient and flexible to use, but is easy to operate when screening different batches of powder coatings and cleaning for color changes can be done without any tools.”
Leading coating company – China
Production Manager

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