Sieving metal powders at Deloro Stellite

Utilizing ultrasonic technology on separation equipment, Deloro Stellite increases its productivity and reduces product changeover downtime

Product changeover time is a very crucial factor for evaluating healthy and not so healthy margins in processing industries where different products share production lines. It is imperative to reduce the product changeover downtime and avoid cross contamination for manufacturer to achieve healthy margins. For this, screening of the product is very critical to streamline the production process.

Deloro Stellite, a global manufacturer of propriety metal alloys to solve industrial wear issue, was looking for a new metal powder sieve to upgrade its production process. The company approached Russell Finex to provide a sieving solution which could not only achieve the high throughputs required, but also provide consistent product quality and easy operation. After analyzing these specific requirements, the Russell Compact Sieve® was supplied . With the installation of the vibro sifter , Deloro Stellite saw a decrease in product changeover time and improved bulk powder processing.

Industrial sieve for the metal powder industry

The patented solid rubber suspension system of the Russell Compact Sieve® gives a quieter operation less than 70dBA. When this is combined with a high speed 1800 rpm vibratory motor and easily adjustable weight system the transfer rate through the mesh screen is increased due to higher force. The process increases  sieving efficiency and the adjustable weight system makes the machine setup easy which enables  every bit of powder to be processed as possible. Cleaning of this industrial sieve is quick and easy due to its stainless steel polished design .

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Vibro Sifter / Vibratory Sieve

Also known as safety screeners, this range of versatile sifters is used for quality assurance by checking for foreign contaminants and oversized material and removing them from your product.

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