Sieving machine for particle size sorting lunar soil

NASA purchased the Russell Compact Sieve® for sorting lunar soil size after successfully completing the trials by University of Wisconsin – Madison

Scientists have continually shown their interest in lunar regolith (lunar soil) as it is believed that it contains valuable resources such as minerals, oxygen and helium, which can be used for important resources such as producing energy. With all its potential, NASA approached the University of Wisconsin – Madison to carry out research for the feasibility of using existing mining technologies used on Earth within lunar gravity.

The estimated cost of a single trip to the moon for carrying out the experiments was calculated as approximately $3 billion, therefore an alternative way to conduct the experiment was to be identified. In order to execute the experiment, the research team needed to tackle three main challenges: stimulating lunar gravity, obtaining a suitable sample of lunar regolith, and finding a suitable sieve to size- sort lunar particles both on the ground at the airbase as well as in lunar gravity.

Vibro sifter for particle size sorting lunar soil at NASA

Since the research team had space constraints at the research facility, it was very important to have a sieving machine which was small and compact and easy to clean during flights. Looking at the precise requirement, NASA recommended the research team to contact Russell Finex, a global sieving and separation specialist. Following careful consideration with the technical team, a Russell Compact Sieve® vibro sifter was chosen due to its compact design and ease of operation. After successfully completing trials, it was established that the vibro sifter could be used within lunar gravity.

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