Integrated pharmaceutical vacuum conveying system

Russell Finex’s high containment powder handling solution within a downflow booth helps API manufacturer to optimize its pharmaceutical sieving efficiency

Howorth Air Technology, commonly known as Howorth, is a world leader in the design and development of a range of powder containment solutions, aseptic systems and ultra clean air filtration ventilation systems for medical, pharmaceutical and other industries. With clients throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas, Howorth supplies high-quality bespoke products and turnkey systems to meet customers necessary requirements.

In order to supply multiple contained powder handling systems to a leading global pharmaceutical producer to improve operator safety and exposure whilst processing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), Howorth partnered with Russell Finex – a global manufacturer of pharmaceutical sieving and filtration equipment to guarantee containment in two key production areas.

The first solution was a WORKSAFE™ containment booth as the customer required various process operations such as blending, weighing and sieving. An integrated sieving application, the Russell Compact Airswept Sieve™, was recommended where pharmaceutical powders would be pre-weighed, transferred into a hopper then vacuum-conveyed into an IBC to ensure the required product quality. Combined with the industry-proven Russell Compact Sieve® technology, the vacuum conveying system ensures the check-screening of pharmaceutical powders in one dust-tight operation.

Pneumatic sieve for pharmaceutical powders

Secondly, in order to provide a fully- contained environment for API handling, a Howorth Isolator System was also supplied to the customer. In this process, API’s are loaded into the isolator which is then vacuum-conveyed and screened via another integrated sieve system. On this occasion, a customized solution was provided, combining a Russell Compact Airswept Sieve™ with the Russell Compact Airlock Sieve™ clamping system. Providing the patented TLI (twist, lock and inflate) airlock clamping system designed to provide effortless operation, therefore ideal for integration inside a glove box.

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