Industrialised sieve for polymer beads

Russell Finex’s high-performance separation solution helps Lucite International Ltd to optimize its production capacity by 20% with improved separation accuracy

Lucite International Group Ltd (known as Lucite) is a world leader in manufacturing acrylic based products. As a part of the Mitsubishi Chemical the company manufacturers polymers, monomers, composites and resins for various applications including dental, medical, coatings, adhesives and glass. At its Newton Aycliffe, UK, facility, Lucite produces specially designed premium polymers and resins.
In order to upgrade its polymer bead production, Lucite recently installed a new drying plant within the production line. Since the previous equipment was a traditional spring-mounted separator unit and could not fulfil the production capacity, Lucite sought an alternative to its sieving process.

Vibro separator for polymer beads

To meet the required throughput rates and ensure the sizing accuracy and consistency of polymer beads, the company approached Russell Finex to provide an ideal separation solution for grading the polymer beads. After analyzing these specific requirements, a 48” vibro screen fitted with a Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System was supplied, providing Lucite with increased productivity and accurate grading up to five fractions of powders and granules in one operation.

Along with this separation equipment, Russell Finex has also installed several filtration unit at Lucite’s Newton Aycliffe site for processing liquid adhesive resins.

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