Circular sifter machine for recycling paint

Russell Finex’s innovative sieving solution helps Newlife Paints to recycle waste paint for reuse

The impact of waste paint on the environment has become a global concern in recent times. Because of its liquid properties and solvent contents, it is considered a difficult waste which can pollute ground water and surface water.

Established in 2008, Newlife Paints is a producer of recycled emulsion paints located close to the South Coast of the UK in Ford, Arundel. When recycling waste emulsion paint to high quality reusable paint, the most important is the removal of any remaining impurities. Initially, Newlife Paints started using a self made in-line filter which would block frequently, resulting in softer polymer contaminating the paint. Keith Harrison (founder of Newlife Paints) approached Russell Finex to discuss his filtration requirement. Following a consultation with a Technical Representative, it was decided that the installation of the Russell Compact Sieve® would meet the requirements and provide significant benefits.

Industrial Emulsion Paint Recycling

After a successful on-site trial, the high-capacity vibro sifter was loaned by Newlife Paints. After experiencing an increase in productivity and production quality, Newlife Paints decided to purchase the machine. At Newlife Paints plant the Russell Compact Sieve® is mounted onto a stand high enough to fit a 210 litre drum underneath it. The process begins with the manual feeding of paint into the sieve. Once the sieve removes the contamination from the paint, the good product is filled into tins, and then the sieve can be stripped down and cleaned before the next batch starts.

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