Pneumatic sieving machine for sugar at Ferrara Pan Candy

Ferrara Pan Candy maintains quality standard with the installation of the Russell Blow Thru Sieve

Ferrara Pan Candy produces approximately 750,000 lbs of candy per day. To sustain this production level, over one million pounds of sugar is delivered to the factory via rail each week. Although sugar is refined when it is produced Ferrara needs to ensure there are no molasses, minerals or other non-sugar contamination or other foreign objects that may have entered the product during rail car filling and transportation. Therefore in order to enhance the quality of their processed sugar, Ferrara decided to invest in a screening system which would remove any contamination from the sugar after it passes through the silo and before it is used on each product line.


Following a consultation with a Russell Finex sales representative, it was decided that the Russell Blow Thru Sieve would be the most appropriate machine for the application. The Russell Blow Thru Sieve™ was the ideal machine for this application as it removes contamination from powders during dilute phase pneumatic conveying, ensuring product quality is improved without sacrificing productivity. The machine was customized to suit the application better and was fitted with an Easy-Clean Magnetic Separator™ to remove any ferrous contamination.

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"We are very satisfied with our purchase. Russell Finex’s commitment to providing testing and customization makes them the obvious choice for providing a quick, high quality solution."
Ferrara Pan Candy
Alfonso Rubio

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