Safety sieving of bakery ingredients

Russell Compact 3in1 Sieves remove contamination from hand fed raw ingredients, improving efficiency at Warbutons

Warburtons, the family baker, has improved process efficiency in a number of its bakeries following the installation of Russell Compact 3in1 Sieves™. Taking every reasonable precaution to ensure that they fulfil HACCP requirements, Warburtons replaced older systems, which did not provide dust extraction or bag rest tables with the Russell check screening sieves.

Compact Sieve 3 in 1

The Russell Compact 3in1 Sieves™ are used to remove contamination from hand fed raw ingredients. The sack-tipping platform can be set at a comfortable height for operators to support the height of the bag. The dust hood reduces dust during sieving, eliminating the need for flexibles and therefore increasing hygiene efficiency. Seated underneath the mesh is a magnetic trap to catch ferrous particles, which are smaller than the mesh size, thus complying with provisions of the food and safety Act 1990.

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