Screening of industrial minerals – attapulgite clay

With the installation of Russell Finex’s high-performance vibrating screening solution, Zemex Corporation maximizes its attapulgite clay production

For any processing industry it is very important to have a fast and uninterrupted flow of production . In order to maintain this continuity a processor is required to have a state of the art production facility which enables it to provide increased output. Especially in the case of bulk solids operations, any one piece of equipment that slows the process down jeopardizes the profitability of the entire plant.

Identifying the industrial necessity , a clay processor updated its processing plant with a high-performance vibrating screen resulting in increased output without compromising quality of the final product.

Zemex Corporation, headquartered in Atlanta, GA is a leading producer of industrial minerals. . With manufacturing facilities across the United States and Canada, Zemex produces minerals like phlogopite mica, muscovite mica, feldspar, feldspathic sand, silica sand, attapulgite clay, kaolin clay and talc. At one of its facilities in Attapulgus, Georgia, Zemex processes attapulgite clay.

This attapulgite clay processing plant had five 60 “spring-suspension separators with a 300 micron screen which helps to remove any agglomerates or debris. Even though the quality of the final product was satisfactory, the delivered throughput quantity was less than required. These separation equipment’s were not fully effective and were rejecting a tremendous amount of good clay because of the constant blinding of screens.

In order to increase its production volume without compromising on product quality, Zemex Corporation approached Russell Finex, worldwide leader in fine mesh separation technology to discuss its separation requirement. Following consultations and a product trial at Russell Finex’s specialized test facility, it was decided that the installation of the Finex Separator™ would meet the requirements and provide significant benefits.

Industrial vibro screen for processing attapulgite clay

The Finex Separator™ is a revolutionary vibratory separator that can grade wet or dry materials up to five fractions in a single operation. The adaptable weight system of the vibro separator creates a more finely tuned and vigorous action, significantly raising sieving efficiency and running standard at 1800 rpm. Fitted with the unique ultrasonic screen deblinding system, blinding is reduced, enabling faster material movement through the screens.

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