Sieving machine for steel powder

Sanwa Diamond Tools achieves a 5-fold increase in production capacity with an innovative Russell Finex screening solution

Established in 1994, Sanwa Diamond Tools is one of the leading diamond cutting tool manufacturers in India. With their two fully-equipped production facilities, the company manufactures a wide assortment of diamond saw blades, diamond segments, diamond drill bits and many more products.sieving machine for metal powders

Previously, the company experienced efficiency issues with a standard round separator used to sieve the metal powders. Not only was it taking a long time to sieve the required quantities of powder, inconsistencies were being found in products and there were high levels of wastage, leading to increased costs. This was often caused by the powder sticking to the mesh, causing lower throughputs and powder having to be re-screened.

Due to increasing demand for its products, Sanwa approached Russell Finex to provide a sieving solution which could not only achieve the high throughputs required, but also provide consistent product quality and easy operation. G.V Murli Krishna, General Manager, Production comments, “We selected Russell Finex due to the company’s experience in providing premium sieving solutions for a wide range of applications. This reputation gave us peace of mind that we were in safe hands with an experienced supplier.”

The Finex Ultima™ is a versatile, high-performance industrial vibro screen capable of screening a variety of metal powders. Its unique rubber suspension transmits maximum vibration to the sieving area, resulting in high throughput as well as accurate sieving.

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