Gyro screen for separating larvae at Millibeter

With the installation of Russell Eco Separator, Millibeter increases production and sieving capacity by converting organic waste into renewable resources

To reduce organic waste Johan Jacob, founder and fly master of Millibeter rear the Hermetia Illucens (Black Soldier Fly) to feed on organic waste to prevent spread of diseases and bacteria. These flies eat only at the larvae stage, and are suitable to use in many applications including agriculture, pharmaceutical and chemical processes as they consists of chitin, fat and protein.

The sieving of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae requires separation into four fractions. In the first fraction grown larvae are separated for packaging, while the second fraction consists of smaller larvae which still need to be fed to grow large. The third and fourth fractions consists of organic and oversize waste such as stones and twigs. Initially Millibeter was using a manual process to sieve the larvae which was a labor-intensive and time-consuming job. For its pilot plant the company was looking for an efficient sieving solution and turned to Russell Finex, a global leader in sieving and separation technology.

Separating black soldier fly at Millibeter

After understanding their requirements, Russell Finex offered trial for the Russell Eco Separator® at its specialized testing facility as well as onsite trial at Millibeter’s production unit.

The Russell Eco Separator® is a cost-effective high-performance gyratory separator designed to offer many separation methods such as grading, dewatering, dedusting or product recovery for wet or dry applications. This high-performance separator was selected due to its ability to accurately grade upto 5 fractions in one operation. This allowed Millibeter to optimize their production with improved product quality.

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