Gyro screen for separating seeds

With the installation of the Russell Eco Separator, Eco Treasures improves productivity and product quality by successfully separating seeds from frozen juice

Eco Treasures is a Belgium based company involved in the production of essential oils from residual vegetable feedstock and fine fruit seeds. For their pilot plant, the company was looking for a separation solution to meet high-quality standards and to improve production efficiency. For these requirements, the company approached Russell Finex, the global leader in manufacturing and supplying high-performance separation equipment to processing industry for an innovative solution.

Separating seeds from frozen juiceThe process of extracting oil from residual frozen pulp begins by separating seeds from the juice pulp. To separate the seeds, the frozen pulp is first melted and then dried. Once separated the seeds then go into a press in order to extract their oil.

During the process, the company was facing an issue where dust from the dried juice pulp attached to the seeds after the drying stage which was impacting the quality of the extracted oil. With the installation of the Russell Eco Separator®, Eco Treasures was able to separate dust from the fine seeds allowing them to pass through the press dust free. The results were very encouraging as the installation of this gyro sifter not only eliminated the dust from the seeds but also saved time and labor involved in the previous production process. These factors provided a significant reduction in manufacturing costs for Eco Treasures with an increase in productivity as well as improved product quality for their customers.

The Russell Eco Separator® is a cost effective high-performance gyratory sifter, able to handle any screening problem throughout all processing industries. This gyro sifter is designed to deliver higher screening capacities and can accurately separate products into five fractions in one operation. To match the requirements of unique applications it is available in six sizes from 24″ to 72″.

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