Waste Water Treatment at Finlays

Leading tea producer enhances its waste water management system by utilizing liquid solid separation solution

The management of waste water is a very important process in every food and beverage industry. This directly affects the climate, human safety, manufacturing processes and protects the company from legal regulations. In addition, companies can also take advantage of industrial wastewater treatment by reusing treated water to manufacture products.

A leading tea manufacturer from the UK was facing some difficulties with its waste water management. Headquartered in London, UK, Finlay is specialized in manufacturing decaffeinated and specialty teas since 1750. Following, Local water authorities raising concerns related to Finlay’s BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) levels in the waste water discharged from its decaffeination process, Finlay’s approached Russell Finex to provide a suitable separation solution to help reduce the BOD levels and keep maintenance costs to a minimum while safeguarding operators health.

Following a technical consultation and successful on-site and offsite trials, it was decided that the installation of a new Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ would meet the requirements and provide significant benefits. Due to the centrifugal action of the impeller, the separation equipment easily removes contamination like leaf tea and tea fines from the discharged water. Because of this efficient waste water filtration, Finlay has significantly reduced the chance of incurring penalty fines from the local water authorities.

Industrial liquid solid separation equipment

Along with a state of the art waste water management system, Finlay is also contributing to the environment with its ‘green’ initiative by reusing the waste water into its manufacturing process. Additionally, the company has also noticed a significant reduction in its water charges.

The simple design of the separator enables it to fit easily into Finlay’s manufacturing process. Engineers at the company were able to install the machine without the help of an outside contractor.

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