Sieving Synthetic Calcium Silicate Based Powder

The Russell sieving machinery helps Promat Belgium safeguard high quality standards

Promat,a global leader in manufacturing high quality fire protection and insulation products, started a new production line for Promaxon®-D, a synthetic Calcium Silicate based powder. For this new line they required a high quality chemical vibrating screener and chose Russell Finex to provide a high capacity, high performance solution to be installed within their production process.

Based on their requirements Russell Finex suggested trialling the vibro sifter Russell Compact Sieve®, which was conducted both at Russell Finex test facilities and at Promat’s production site. Following positive results Promat were assured that the chemical screening solution and service provided by Russell Finex would meet and exceed their needs and therefore purchased a 900mm diameter Russell Compact Sieve®. This high capacity vibro sifter is a versatile unit suited to a wide range of industries and met Promat’s key requirements by providing the high quality and capacity required.

Vibro sifter installed at Promat

The Russell Compact Sieve® is a high capacity vibro sifter machine with a compact design, enabling it to fit easily into new or existing production lines. This vibro sifter comes with fewer contact parts for easy assembly and dis-assembly without the need for extra tools and operators, reducing downtime.

Read the full article about sieving equipment for screening synthetic Calcium Silicate based powder at Promat.

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"With the Russell Compact Sieve installed at the end of the production line, the quality of the product is guaranteed. This extra quality check assures us that our product is contamination free. We are very satisfied with our purchase and would recommend Russell Finex to other manufacturers who have a screening requirement."
Promat International N.V.
Koen Nijs

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