Sieving machine for copper powders

Adishiv Forge replaces rotary sifter with the Russell sifting solution to achieve high quality screening of copper powders

Established in 1993, Adishiv Forge PVT Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers of high quality components for the automotive industry. Supplying products such as engine bearings, brushes and bimetallic strips, the company has introduced modern powder metallurgy production methods into the manufacture of copper and brass products and exports these to over 55 countries around the world.

industrial sieving machine for metal powdersSieving copper powder is a major part of the manufacturing process at facility in Rajkot. Previously, the company was using a rotary sifter for this part of the process, the traditional sieving machine was inconsistent in achieving the desired product quality, due to the fine metal powders sticking to and blocking the mesh screen, resulting in low flow rates and inconsistent product quality, whilst also causing damage to the mesh. As a result, the company sought a sieving solution which would help achieve the desired product quality and reduce product loss.

Russell Finex suggested the 30” twin deck Finex Ultima™ with mesh deblinding system as the ultimate solution for their requirements. The company trialled this vibro screen at Russell Finex’s state of the art test facility, resulting in the decision to purchase the unit for their production plant.

The Finex Ultima™ is a versatile, high-performance sieving machine capable of screening a variety of metal powders. Its unique rubber suspension transmits maximum vibration to the sieving area, resulting in high throughput as well as accurate sieving.

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