Powder coatings sieving machine

Russell Finex’s innovative ultrasonic sieving solution helps an aluminum wheel manufacturer to improve its powder coatings quality

Aluminum wheels have become an increasingly popular feature on every make and model of cars and trucks. Due to the aesthetic appeal, and lighter and stronger physical property compared to steel wheels, aluminum wheels are in high demand. Additionally they also provide better suspension and improve the performance and handling of vehicles.

During manufacturing of aluminum wheels, a premium manufacturer from the UK needed new sieving equipment for screening lacquer coating powder. Lacquer coatings are often used on wheels to provide them a glossy finish. The company supplies its wheels to major car manufacturers and to off-the-shelf suppliers of premium accessory wheels. Therefore, as a major supplier of aluminum wheels in Europe the company needed to ensure that its wheels were finished to the highest standard.

While processing the powder coating, the company was facing some difficulties with its existing rotary sieve resulting in low throughput rates. Powder coatings are notoriously difficult to sieve as the fine particles can cause mesh blinding resulting in reduced flow rates and loss of good product.

Looking at the precise requirement and to meet the required throughput rates, the company approached Russell Finex to provide an ideal sieving solution for powder coatings. In order to maintain the wheel finish quality, it was imperative that all contamination such as dirt, foreign fibers, grit or metal particulate must be removed from the final powder coating.

Industrial powder coatings sieving system

Following a consultation with a Technical Representative and an on-site trial, it was decided that the installation of a new 400mm vibratory sieve combined with the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System would meet the requirements and provide significant benefits. After successful installation the company was able to accurately sieve lacquer coating powder down to 75 microns, whilst removing the smallest contamination. With the upgraded powder coatings sieving system, the company noticed an improved product quality and high throughput rates.

With more than 85 years of industry experience, Russell Finex is a global sieving and filtration specialist with experience in a wide variety of industries such as powder coatings, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

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