Sieving of raw pharmaceutical dry materials

Russell Finex’s high-performance sieving solution augments excellence of production in the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industry

Enzymatic Therapy, a Wisconsin, United States based manufacturer of dietary supplements and natural medicines started outsourcing and assembling its own FDA-approved manufacturing capability, to advance product value, rationalize production, and enhance the progress of sales.

A critical step was to choose the most suitable sieving equipment to eliminate all agglomerates, oversized particles or impurities from received raw dry materials. Because of quality assurance and maintenance reasons , Enzymatic Therapy frowned on brushes or metal rollers which was used to push product through sieves as this could result in contamination like brush fibres. To deal with these specific concerns , Enzymatic Therapy picked a high-capacity sieving solution from Russell Finex, the 22” Russell Compact Sieve®.

Industrial sieving solution for raw dry materials

In order to achieve a high quality end product, the whole process needs to be augmented. For manufacturing, sieving is crucial for multiple applications. From breaking up lumps to removing unwanted contamination, to blending hard materials properly as per the requirement, it holds a central importance.

The primary task in safeguarding quality includes passing all dry materials through a 16-mesh screen to eliminate oversized particles. With the help of a unique magnetic trap any submesh sized ferrous impurities can be removed, which can occur from time to time due to the pulverizing or processing of raw materials to the form of powder. Some materials are also passed through a finer 40-mesh screen to accelerate the binding with other materials. This high-performance vibratory sifter has an advancement over conventional sieving machines in areas like consistency, cleaning effectiveness and headroom.

The Russell Compact Sieve® is free from crevices and completely built on polished stainless steel along with the stands making all the surfaces effortlessly cleanable. The simple design of the vibro sifter enables it to strip down easily and facilitate cleaning without employing any tools.

As a global manufacturer, Russell Finex assists a wide variety of industries with applications comprising in areas of pharmaceuticals, food, chemicals, adhesives, plastisols, paint, coatings, metal powders and ceramics.

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