Ultrasonic sifting solution for pharmaceutical powders

GlaxoSmithKline optimizes its productivity with the installation of Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding System

The pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) sought to upgrade its pharmaceutical powder production efficiency at its eminent “center of excellence” plant in Dartford, Kent. The corporation invested in nine high-performance vibrating screens, each of which were fitted with the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System. The screening machines are used to manufacture a range of therapeutic drugs to be exported all over the world. Initially, efficient screening of the product was a major challenge because of the unique nature of many pharmaceutical powders manufactured at the GSK plant. Because of low density and the potential to gain static charge the powders tended to float above the mesh causing mesh blockage and low production rates.

Pharmaceutical ultrasonic sieve

With the revolutionary Vibrasonic® Deblinding System, these complications have been resolved and productivity has been significantly increased. This improvement means that this machine is now able to comply with regulations like HACCP; a systematic approach that seeks to avoid biological and chemical hazards. The screening machines are installed at the concluding stage of primary production, screening the pharmaceutical powders to achieve a uniform size. After screening, the pharmaceutical powders are directed away for the subsequent manufacturing phase when the powders are transformed either into tablets or a liquid suspension. The Russell Vibrasonic®Deblinding System as well provides the user with better control over the mesh system, preventing mesh blinding and powder settings to significantly increase the output of static powders. The strength and duration of the ultrasonic activity of this unit can also be retrofitted onto any new or existing vibro sifter to increase production capacity. GlaxoSmithKline utilized this machine, by switching it on and off at pre-set intermissions in order to permit the powder to fall easily through the screen, and therefore maintaining a consistently high throughput.

With 85 years’ experience and a global leader in industrial sieving and separation technology, Russell Finex continues to supply sieving solutions to a variety of different industries, including pharmaceutical, food and beverage, coatings, and ceramics.

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Ultrasonic deblinding systems are used to eliminate mesh blinding when screening difficult powders. Using ultrasonics allows you to sieve on finer meshes, increase your screening capacity and reduce mesh breakage.

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