Industrial sieving solution for refining fruit juice

Russell Finex’s high-capacity sieving solution helps a German fruit juice manufacturer to improve its fruit juice refining process and to optimize its productivity

Sachsenobst, an enterprise of Obstland Group, is one of the major producers of syrups, wine and fruit juices based in Saxony, Germany. Established in 1936, the company uses its locally grown fruits, including apples, pears and cherries, to produce its products.

As its commitment to sustainability, the group supports the local circular economy by growing more than 40,000 tonnes of fruit each year for manufacturing its delicious syrups, juices and wines.

In order to meet growing demand, the company looked to upgrade its production facility. Sachsenobst’s state-of-the-art plant uses modern filtration technology and produces 10 million bottles of freshly pressed fruit juice every year. When seeking an efficient product refinement solution to optimize the sieving of pulp from fruit mash, Sachsenobst consulted Russell Finex, specialists in sieving equipment for the food industry.

Previously Sachsenobst were using a conventional rotary sieve and facing major issues with juice clarification as some solids remained in the juice, compromising the product quality. Also, due to its bigger size, the rotary sieve took time to strip down and clean, reducing productivity and quality.

Industrial sieve for fruit juice refining

With the installation of the high-capacity sieving solution, Sachsenobst was able to remove more pulp from the final product, improving the quality and clarity of its juices. The company installed a 600mm Russell Compact Sieve® with 500μm mesh on its juice production line and manged to produce 5000 litres of fruit mash per hour. The compact design makes it easy to fit into an existing production line, and is easier to strip down and clean while also improving hygiene. Satisfied with its purchase, the group is now happy to produce crystal clear and delicious orchard-fresh fruit juice.

The Russell Compact Sieve® is capable of high-capacity sieving of both powders and liquid slurries, removing contamination. This industrial sieve is ideal for the food and beverage industry, as it provides high-containment and hygienic sieving options.

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Russell Finex is a global leader in sieving and separation technology and has over 85 years of experience in offering sustainable quality service for the food and beverage industries. This range of solutions improves product quality, enhances productivity, safeguards operator health, and ensures liquids and powders are contamination-free.

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