Sieving of refined coffee

With the installation of the Russell Compact Sieve® a major coffee manufacturer increases its productivity and reduce product wastage

Realcafé Solúvel do Brasil, an enterprise of Grupo Tristão, is one of the coffee industry’s major producers. The Brazilian establishment manufactures the finest refined coffee for usage in soluble, roasted, and ground coffee lines. Realcafé has established high end process controls systems to guarantee that its coffee consistently meets their customer expectations.

The development of production starts with harvesting the coffee berries. The red arabica and robusta berries are hulled by Realcafé to take away the fruit. The green beans are polished to eliminate chaff, a by-product that can be unfavorable to the sense of taste. The coffee beans are cleaned and then graded to make it ready for roasting.

Realcafé were using a metal detector to remove physical contaminants from the production line before it decided to invest in Russell Finex innovative sieving solution. However, as the metal detector could distinguish metallic impurities, including machine swarf, it did not filter out non-metallic impurities, such as plastic, rubber, or stone. After a recommendation from another market-leading coffee producer, Realcafé decided to examine the industrial sieve technology.

After a comprehensive evaluation, Realcafé selected the Russell Compact Sieve®, a high-capacity vibro sieve. The vibro sifter provided a satisfactory result by offering much-improved efficiency in comparison to models twice its magnitude and with a quite low maintenance. The superiority of the machine along with a solid compact design enabled Realcafé to install a high-capacity sieve without investing expensive structural variations to its manufacturing production line.

Sieving refined coffee at Realcafe

Because of its compact design, the Russell Compact Sieve® was installed in place of the metal detector and takes up less than 2 m² of floor space. The vibrating feature of the machine further allowed Realcafé to eliminate a variety of impurities from the production course, including both metallic and non-metallic contaminants and significantly improving the purity and superiority of its products.

Due to the continuous discarding of contaminants by the sieving machine, Realcafé also sustainably profited from a decrease in wastage. The metal detector earlier had always required purging every month, with around some 40 kg of product (5,000 cups) becoming waste at each inspection. The Russell Compact Sieve® only requires a quick visual checkup and there is now minimum wastage.

Established since 1934, Russell Finex is global leader in sieving and separation technology and has over 85 years of experience in offering sustainable quality service for the food and ancillary industries. This range of separation solutions improves product quality, enhances productivity, safeguards operator health, and ensures liquids and powders are contamination-free.

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