Sieving machine for instant food mixes

Gits upgrades its food production facility with Russell Finex screening solutions

Established in 1963, Gits Food Products Pvt Ltd. (commonly known as Gits), is known as a pioneer in the Indian packaged and instant food market, manufacturing a wide variety of dairy products, ready meals, instant food mixes, rice, breakfast and dessert products which are distributed across India and exported to over 40 countries around the world.

Having experienced difficulties with previous sieving machinery not achieving the required throughput or quality at its Pune production plant, Gits sought a solution and contacted Russell Finex for advice. Following a site visit by a Russell Finex sales engineer, it was decided the installation of the Finex Ultima™ and the Russell Compact Sieve® would meet the requirements and give significant benefits for the different food applications.

Vibrating screen for food powders

Gits tested the Finex Ultima™ with wheat flour, gram flour and Semolina (sooji) at their own production facility, and having been impressed with the results, the company purchased two Finex Ultima™ double deck vibro screens and four Russell Compact Sieve® single deck vibro sifters.

Gits installed the Finex Ultima™ units into its production lines of milk powder, rice, pulses and semolina to remove all contamination before the products continue to the mixing and packaging stages. The Finex Ultima™ is the ultimate vibrating screen for the food industry, capable of achieving up to five fractions of food powders or granules in one operation.

Vibro sifters for food powdersThe Russell Compact Sieve® units were installed at the packaging stage of the production line, used as a final quality-check for the food products. Refined flour, gram flour and dal makhani gravy products are check-screened before packaging, ensuring these products are of a consistent particle size and contamination-free before being supplied to customers. The Russell Compact Sieve® is a high-capacity sieving machine, capable of sieving a variety of food applications, in areas of limited headroom, without compromising the throughput rate and product quality.

Contact Russell Finex to find out more about the innovative range of sieving and separation solutions available for the food industry.

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