Ultrasonic solutions for primer powder sieving

Major paint & coating contractor increases productivity and product quality with the installation of the Russell Compact Sieve® with Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System

When it comes to sieving, it is given less importance in terms of investment in manufacturing industry. However, it holds a very important role in the manufacturing process. Sieving is commonly used for determining the particle size distribution of powders and removal of unwanted contamination.

While sieving fine powders on 300 micron or below, mesh blinding or blocking is a common occurrence, resulting in reduced flow rates and loss of good product. This mesh blinding or blocking can cause reduced mesh life or a chance of the mesh becoming damaged or broken. To resume effective sieving, regular cleaning and maintenance of the mesh is essential.

A major paint and coatings applicator won a contract to build mass production automobile paint primer shops for one of the world’s largest automobile manufacturers. Since standard wet spray paint systems do not adhere to the auto body effectively and are not very environmentally friendly, an alternative application method was to be identified. After considering all the essential requirements, a powder based primer system was sought because of its cost effective and reusable powder property.

In order to make the system effective, the company required a high-performance sieving solution to enable the powder application system to meet rigorous quality and production specifications. The primer powders should be sieved to ensure only the highest product quality by removing oversized contamination and agglomerations, leaving the desired particle size distribution. For this process, the company purchased a combined sieving solution entailing an industrial vibro sifter and an ultrasonic deblinding system which will ensure that the best results are achieved.

Industrial vibratory sieving solution

The Russell Compact Sieve® is a high capacity vibro sifter capable of screening fine powders. The compact size of the machine is an added advantage which allows it to fit into existing production lines without requiring any extra headroom. Additionally, the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System ensures the mesh screens are free from blinding and an accurate screening of primer powders can be achieved without causing any production downtime.

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