Customized Pharmaceutical Separator for Grading Sugar Pellets

Increased production and reduced product wastage achieved with Russell Sieving Solutions

The greatest concern for pharmaceutical companies is safeguarding their reputation, through improving product quality, hygiene and production efficiency. Russell Finex has been working closely with many major pharmaceutical manufacturers including GSK, Pfizer, Cipla and Sanofi Aventis, providing high quality solutions to improve their production processes.
Finex-Ultima-vibro-screenRussell Finex were approached by a leading pharmaceutical company to provide a new solution for screening pharmaceutical sugar pellets, as their previous machine’s robust vibration was causing broken pellets, meaning high levels of product wastage. After analysing their exact requirements, Russell Finex supplied a customized high performance 30” Finex Ultima™.

This vibro screenuses the latest in separation technology to achieve a quality, consistent product. Equipped with unique rubber suspension, which consistently transfers maximum vibration to the screen, uniform and high capacity sieving is achieved, enabling a significant reduction in good product loss.

Several modifications were made to the unit to suit the customers’ unique requirements. Although the machine can be supplied with up to four decks, two decks were supplied for the removal of oversize and undersize particles. The top deck was fitted with a #60 mesh and the bottom deck was fitted with a #40 mesh, enabling small batches to be graded. Due to the sugar pellets containing hazardous materials, the unit was supplied in high quality 316L stainless steel with a flameproof motor. To protect the product from airborne contamination and safeguard operators from harmful dusts and fumes, the machine was enclosed and fitted with a spigot feed inlet to connect to the production area.

Having previously supplied this company with sieving solutions for other applications, Russell Finex was trusted again to apply its knowledge and expertise to solve a processing problem. This confidence and trust in Russell equipment resulted in an order of 13 machines for their new project.

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