Check Screening Aluminium Oxide

Check screening aluminium oxide ensuring it is free from unwanted particles

Many products go through a large number of different production processes before they reach their final state. As they go through each process unwanted particles often enter the product. If product quality and company reputation is to be upheld these need to be removed. By carrying out a simple check screening process with a industrial vibro screen such as the Finex Ultima™ unwanted particles will be removed ensuring product quality and company reputation.

This demonstration video shows how this vibrating machine manufactured in India is check screening aluminium oxide to remove contamination which has entered the product during the production process. Fitted with a rubber suspension system this vibrating screen offers up to 50% more screening capacity compared to round, spring mounted vibro screens. This is because unlike spring mounted vibro screens the rubber mounted vibro screen transmits the maximum amount of vibration to the mesh area. Furthermore the rubber suspension as well as the rubber feet means the operating noise levels of the Finex Ultima™ is significantly lower than spring mounted vibro screens.

The Finex Ultima™ is an extremely versatile machine which can be used to check screen or grade various different materials. Up to four screen decks can be used to provide 5 product fractions. To suit a wide range of applications the machine is also available in four sizes, 30″ (750mm), 40″ (1000mm), 48″ (1200mm) & 60″ (1500mm) diameter. Food and pharmaceutical grades as well as customizations are also available.

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