Grading Aluminium Hydroxide

The Finex Ultima helps in grading aluminium hydroxide

The Finex Ultima™ is a high performance vibro separator specially designed as per Indian market need with latest technology. This video demonstration shows how the Finex Ultima™ is the best solution for separating a range of highly accurate product factions. Due to its unique rubber suspension features its giving all vibration to the sieves helping in increasing throughput while grading aluminium hydroxide with excellent consistency and accuracy. This vibro separator is equipped with many benefits such as low noise level, open frame design and less contacts parts for easy cleaning and assembly and disassembly.

Russell Finex provides the test and research facilities for all customers to take trial before purchasing giving them complete peace of mind that the equipment they choose is right for them.

Contact us to more how this vibro separator the Finex Ultima™ performance on different application.

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