Sifting detergent powders

Check screening detergent powders and granules using the sieving machinery helps to improve product quality

The chemical industry requires manufacturers to achieve high product quality before bringing it to market for the end users. A dishwasher detergent manufacturer was looking for a sieving solution to remove contamination from the product such as oversized or agglomerated granules which was affecting the final quality of the product. This demonstration video shows the check screening of the detergent powder using the 600mm Russell Compact Sieve® and how this high capacity safety screening machine successfully removes the oversize contamination from the product, giving a final product of only the desired particle size.

The Russell Compact Sieve® is a highly versatile vibrating sifter preferred due to its compact size, which can easily fit into any production line where space is limited, whilst still giving high capacity throughput. Fewer contact parts, made of high quality stainless steel and quick-release clamps are few of the main features of the Russell Compact Sieve® ensures that this vibro sifter machine can be easily cleaned and disassembled between batches, reducing downtime.

Russell Finex has been working closely with many chemical industry manufacturers and has been supplying the Russell Compact Sieve® for many applications such as screening powder paint, automotive powder coatings and many others. Read more on chemical industry case studies or watch trial videos of other chemical applications to know more about Russell Finex sieving solutions.

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Also known as safety screeners, this range of versatile sifters is used for quality assurance by checking for foreign contaminants and oversized material and removing them from your product.