Check-screening for distemper paint

High-capacity screening solution removes foreign contamination to safeguard the end product

Distemper paint is a product that is widely used in a variety of different applications and processes. When processing distemper paint, it is highly important that the final product meets quality and consistency standards.

Distemper paint is a highly viscous liquid which makes screening difficult due to the paints sticking to the mesh, reducing flow rates, and causing loss of good product. To ensure the quality of the paint before it is processed for next step, this needs to be thoroughly screened using a high-capacity screening machine.

This demonstration video shows how distemper paint is screened using the Russell Compact Sieve® passing through 5mm and 3mm mesh screens, removing all oversize particle and contamination. The distemper paint is unloaded onto the high-capacity screener, where agglomerates and contaminations are removed, whilst good paint is classified passing through the mesh and collected ready for use in the next process.


Available in a variety of sizes and configurations, this high-capacity screener fit neatly into production lines, providing considerable screening capacity without requiring excessive headroom, and can be used to classify incoming and outgoing ingredients. The units are quick and easy to dismantle, clean, and reassemble, and provide high-containment and hygienic screening of powders and liquids.

Russell Finex has more than 85 years of experience working in the sieving and separation industry and applies their wealth of knowledge to a wide variety of industries such as paint and coatings, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, chemicals, and metal powders.

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