Screening and Dewatering Resin

High performance screening solution to dewater and screen resin

The Finex 22™ is a versatile and powerful vibrating sieve, designed for high-speed safety screening as well as accurate grading of difficult powders and high viscosity liquids, capable of performing both in batch and continuous operations. This trial video demonstrates how efficiently the high speed Finex 22™ screening machine is dewatering resins during the screening process. To screen resin, this machine is fitted with a scroll assembly so that the material stays on the mesh for longer, aiding the dewatering process and enabling the resin to be screened for waste disposal.

The vibration of the sieving machine helps the resin to move around the screen so that the resin can be easily extracted to weigh before disposal. Resin gets lighter after the dewatering process which offers significant costs savings to the company. In this controlled environment, more water is added to the resin mixture to perform the screening process and to increase the throughput rate. The Finex 22™ is capable of high capacity safety screening with great accuracy.

Russell Finex encourages customers to trial Russell Finex separation machines with their application before purchasing, giving complete peace of mind that the equipment they choose is right for them.

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