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Product testing often plays an important part when choosing the right sieve or filter for your application. With specialized test and research facilities in the UK, US, Belgium and India, technical representatives and customers are able to assess materials and equipment under controlled conditions. This gives you complete peace of mind before purchase.

Below are a wide range of applications being processed through Russell Finex equipment.

ultrasonic vibro screen for refined flour

Flour sifter to screen bakery ingedients

Finex Ultima improves throughput and screening accuracy when grading refined flour.

liquid chocolate filtration

Filtering liquid chocolate

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter is used to filter virgin and reclaimed chocolate.

vibratory screener for flour

Screening equipment for flour

Screening flour with a vibratory screening machine to improve quality.

vibro separator for butterscotch

Check screening butterscotch

4-deck Russell vibro screen used to separate butterscotch to grade into 5 fractions.

check-screening wheat flour

Sieving Solutions for Wheat Flour

Russell Vibrasonic Spiroscreen enables significant increases in flow rates.

turmeric powder vibro screen

Screening Turmeric Powder

Screening turmeric powder trial with the vibro screen separator, the Finex Ultima.

coconut powder vibro separator

Grading coconut powder

Grading of coconut powder using the Finex Ultima vibro separator to improve product quality.

vibro screen for coffee beans

Separating coffee beans

The Finex Ultima vibro separator used to grade coffee beans to give improved quality product.

vibro screen for chocolate brownie

Screening chocolate brownie pieces

Finex Ultima vibro screen accurately grades chocolate brownie pieces into 2 fractions.

vibro separator for dry peanuts

De-dusting dry peanuts

The high performance Finex Ultima helps to de-dust dry peanuts with specialized test facilities in India.

vibrating sifter for check-screening flour

Bag tip station for sieving flour

Russell Compact 3in1 Sieve is a high capacity vibrating sifter helps to check screen hand fed ingredients.

vibro sifter for screening flour

Screening equipment for flour

Russell Compact Sieve is a versatile vibro sifter check screening flour to remove foreign contamination.

grading dried pasta rings

Grading Dried Pasta Rings

The Finex Ultima helps grade fragmented and broken pasta to improve product quality.

industrial liquid filter for tea slurry

Industrial Liquid Filter for Tea Slurry

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter constantly removes tea leaves and solids from hot tea slurries.

vibro sifter for screening flour

Sieving whey powder

The Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding System prevents mesh blockage when sieving whey powder.

sieving machine for buttermilk

Sieving Machine for Buttermilk

Ultrasonic vibro sifter effectively screens buttermilk powder to remove oversize contamination.

vibrating screen for grading cardamon

Grading Cardamon

A high performance vibro screen, the Finex Ultima accurately grades spice powder.

sieving marshmallows to reclaim sugar

Reclaiming sugar from marshmallows

Two-stage sieving process with the Russell Compact Sieve helps manufacturer to recover sugar.

sieving machine for fish feed

Sieving machine for fish feed

A high-capacity safety sieving machine sieves fish feed into 4 different fractions.

sieving machine for maize

Sieving machine for maize

The Russell Compact Sieve helps improve product quality of maize by removing oversize contamination.

vibro screen for coffee grinds

Screening Coffee grinds

Russell Finex’s high performance sieving equipment separates coffee grinds.

vibrating screen for cookie sprinkles

Screening cookie sprinkles

Industrial vibro screen, The Finex Ultima helps recover cookie sprinkles for reuse.

vibro sifter for sieving coffee granules

Screening coffee grinds

Russell Compact Sieve delivers high-quality coffee granules by removing oversize contamination.

Screening of rosemary

Screening freeze-dried rosemary

The Finex Ultima™ delivers high performance screening of freeze-dried rosemary to obtain 3 fractions of final product Rosemary is a type of herb and is used to add flavors in various foods. It also serves many medicinal benefits as a good source of iron, calcium, and vitamin B-6. In food industry rosemary is commonly used [...]

Sieving of food colorant

Screening of food colorant

The trial of the 600mm Russell Compact Sieve® helps to determine optimal screen size to sieve food colorant A food colorant manufacturer was looking for a high-performance sieving machine to screen food colorant to improve the quality of its product. The 600mm Russell Compact Sieve® was suggested, as it is the ideal check-screening machine to [...]

Screening dried ginger

Screening freeze-dried ginger

Industrial screener screens three fractions of freeze-dried ginger in one operation, removing oversized contamination A very popular spice, ginger contains high levels of gingerol, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is used as a spice to add flavors in food or as a traditional medicine. In food processing industry specifically, ginger is [...]

Screening soya surry

Removing water from soya slurry

Sieving machine to dewater soya slurry by adding a scroll frame The Finex 22™ is a high-performance safety screening machine for powders and liquid slurries. Equipped with high-powered vibration technology, this unit is able to sieve and perform accurate grading for almost any product. In this demonstration video the Finex 22™ is used to remove [...]

Lactose sieving machine

Sieving machine for lactose powder

A high-capacity safety sieving machine, the Russell Compact Sieve® effectively screens lactose powder and removes pegging The food industry is one where product quality must be faultless. As a result, it is imperative for food manufacturers to produce high quality product by maintaining food standards. A food manufacturer was looking for a high-capacity sieving machine [...]

Grading lavender

Vibrating screen for grading lavender

A high-performance vibro screen, accurately grades lavender into 3 fractions Lavender is both cultivated for use as culinary herb and mostly used for the extraction of essential oils, as it has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This demonstration video shows how the Finex Ultima™ effectively grades lavender into 3 fractions separating the product into lavender […]

Grading refined flour

Ultrasonic screen for grading refined flour

The Finex Ultima combined with the Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding System increases throughput and screening accuracy when grading refined flour Flour is used as a raw ingredient in many food products, and as such must be of the highest quality. In this demonstration video, refined flour is graded to remove lumps and oversize particles using the [...]

Solid Liquid separator for Oat Milk

Removing pulp from oat milk

Liquid solid separator removes oat pulp from oat milk solution to achieve smooth consistency of the final product When processing milk alternatives, such as oat milk, it is essential for food manufacturers to remove oversize contamination from the final product to achieve a smooth consistency. A food manufacturer was looking for a liquid solid separator [...]

Screening solution for Milk powder

Removing oversize from milk powder

The Finex 22™ combined with a Russell RotoBlock™ ensures removal of oversize and contamination from milk powder In food and beverage industry, milk powder is a very popular application as it is used in many products. Therefore, its manufacturing process is very critical and requires an accurate and reliable screening solution designed in accordance with […]

Ultrasonic screening of colostrum powder

Ultrasonic screening of Colostrum powder

The Finex Ultima with ultrasonic deblinding system ensures quality of colostrum powder by removing contamination from the final product Colostrum powder is a dietary supplement which is rich in nutrients and develops immunity. It is a sensitive food powder which has an extremely low bulk density and high surface area. These characteristics make screening of […]


Check screening of Protein powder

High-capacity vibratory screener allows for removal of oversize and safeguards the quality of protein powder Protein powder is one of the most popular nutritional supplements used for building and maintaining muscle, bone strength, and numerous body functions. Because of the rising demand of nutritional supplement and a fiercely competitive market, it is of the utmost […]