Vibrating screen for grading lavender

A high-performance vibro screen, accurately grades lavender into 3 fractions

Lavender is both cultivated for use as culinary herb and mostly used for the extraction of essential oils, as it has an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This demonstration video shows how the Finex Ultima™ effectively grades lavender into 3 fractions separating the product into lavender buds, a middle cut and fine dust, separating out the lavender buds from the chaff, and giving a desired product, ready for further processing.

Exclusively available for India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, the Finex Ultima™ is a versatile vibrating screen, and can grade a variety of applications. The unit is designed to grade up to five fractions in one operation and can be used for grading, screening, scalping, de-dusting, dewatering, and product recovery. This unit is also equipped with unique rubber suspension to give maximum vibration to the sieve and contact part made of high-standard stainless-steel to deal with all type of applications.

Russell Finex always encourage their customers to trial their applications with Russell Finex machines before purchase, to give complete peace of mind that the equipment selected is right for them.

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