Industrial Liquid Filter for Tea Slurry

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter constantly removes tea leaves and solids from hot tea slurries

Tea is made by infusing hot water with leaves. Today consumers, who drink tea cold as well as hot, are looking for properties in tea such as faster infusion, stronger aromas and plenty of flavours. As per the consumer’s demand, this drink is expanding steadily and is being modernized using manufactured concentrates or powders. Therefore, manufacturers are adapting to new technology to improve their production process whilst ensuring quality and production is not compromised. The introduction of an industrial in-line filter for making tea products can safeguard the quality and consistency of tea infusions and concentrates, as it is important before spray drying to remove tea leaves and other particles to prevent blockages in spray nozzles to achieve desired final powders which will have improved dissolve rates.

This trial demonstration shows how the Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® constantly removes solid tea material from a hot tea infusion with minimal operator involvement. To process the tea infusion into tea powder, infused mixture is pumped into the inline filter from a heated container, where the oversize tea material is removed.  As a result, a contamination-free tea infusion is collected with the correct quality and consistency for the extraction stage.

The Self-Cleaning Russell Eco Filter® is designed to provide many benefits including an enclosed system to provide a contamination free final product, reduced downtime during operation as there is no need to change the filter element and minimal operator involvement. The range of industrial filters for the food and beverage industry includes specially designed high temperature and sanitary filters to handle different applications.

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