Screening equipment for flour

Trial video demonstrating check screening of flour to remove foreign contamination using

The Russell Compact Sieve® is a versatile vibro sifter and one of the most popular sieving machines preferred in the food industry for screening all types of flour. The machine boasts many unique features including high capacity screening, compact size to fit easily into areas where space is limited, tool-free clamping system and fewer contact parts for easy assembly and disassembly for cleaning. This trial video demonstrates how the Russell Compact Sieve® check-screens flour to provide a contamination-free product, safeguarding company reputation. This vibrating sifter is an essential component when complying with HACCP guidelines and is commonly used for screening flour either when debagging or post silo. As this is a high capacity safety check screener, 30 T/hr can easily be achieved by using a 1200mm diameter machine.

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Vibro Sifter / Vibratory Sieve

Also known as safety screeners, this range of versatile sifters is used for quality assurance by checking for foreign contaminants and oversized material and removing them from your product.