Grading Dried Pasta Rings

The Finex Ultima helps grade broken pasta to improve product quality

A food manufacturer following strict quality standards was looking for an efficient separation solution to remove broken pasta rings from whole pieces during the production process. The company was frequently exceeding the allowance of broken pasta pieces mixed with the whole pasta rings, which was damaging the standard of the final product. This demonstration video shows how the food-grade 30″ Finex Ultima™ efficiently removes fragmented and broken pasta rings to provide a desirable final product quality.

The Finex Ultima™ is a high performance vibro screen, able to significantly increase sieving capacities when compared with traditional round separators. This vibro screen is equipped with a unique rubber suspension which helps to provide maximum vibration to the sieve as well as reduce noise levels. The Finex Ultima™ was selected due to its ability to accurately grade and remove broken pasta pieces, in one single operation.

For over 80 years Russell Finex has been serving the food industry with their knowledge and expertise. See more food industry demonstration videos to learn how you can improve your product quality using Russell Finex sieving solutions.

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