Screening Coffee grinds

Russell Finex’s high performance sieving equipment separates coffee grinds

The removal of coffee grinds from liquid coffee can be achieved with a two-stage process using the 48″ Finex Ultima™ in conjunction with the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™. This demonstration video shows how, the 48″ Finex Ultima™ first effectively removes excess water from the coffee grinds with a 100 mg screen. At the second stage, the liquid coffee is screened again using the Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ with a 40-micron nylon sleeve to remove the remaining water and collect the coffee grinds for further distribution.

The Finex Ultima™ is a high performance vibro screen, exclusively to India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Engineered to deliver high throughput with greater product quality, the machine is popular in the food industry due to its an open frame design for hygiene, a unique rubber suspension for consistent sieving, fewer contact parts for tool-free assembly and disassembly and reduced noise levels.

The Russell Liquid Solid Separator™ is a multipurpose separator designed for high capacity filtration, and can easily remove soft and fibrous oversize solids from liquids and can screen on finer meshes down to 20 microns.

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