Grading coconut powder

Finex Ultima ensures quality of coconut powder by removing contamination away from the final product

Exclusive for India this vibro screen machine improves quality of final product.

The Finex Ultima™ is a new technological advancement, based on its vibro screen design, delivering higher productivity for wet or dry materials. This vibro screen is the ideal solution for accurate grading and separation in one operation, best known for its use in the food industry with products such as spices, flours, sugar pellets, and food powders

With the standard of food quality and legislation constantly improving, those in the food and beverage industry are looking for innovative ways to maximize their production output, whilst ensuring a high-quality product. The Finex Ultima™ is an ideal solution, with its high capacity, high performance vibrating screen capable of screening or grading difficult powders.

This demonstration video shows the grading of coconut powder using the 30” Finex Ultima™ machine. The batches of powder are fed onto the 2000 micron mesh, where the vibrating screen separates the good powder and oversize material. Its unique rubber suspension delivers maximum vibration to the screen, increasing production capacity, whilst reducing noise levels. The oversized particles are removed from the powder, ensuring the highest quality of the final sieved product, increasing its value.

Exclusive for the Indian market, the Finex Ultima™ is engineered to deliver increased productivity compared to conventional spring-mounted vibro separators. With its hygienic design, it is ideal for applications where hygiene and quality is of utmost importance. This machine is available in four different sizes, and can ensure grading of 5 highly accurate product fractions utilizing up to four sieve decks, with mesh sizes available down to 10 microns.

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