Screening coffee grinds

Russell Finex’s high capacity Russell Compact Sieve delivers high-quality coffee granules by removing oversize contamination

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks and the second most traded commodity on the planet, therefore manufacturers are required to constantly produce high-quality coffee to stay in the market. To produce high-quality coffee powders or granules are most often screened first to remove oversize contamination to achieve the desired final product. Following the process of dehydration and granulation of spray-or-freeze dried instant coffee granules, the product is screened through a sieving machine to remove oversize contamination and achieve consistent size of coffee granules for packaging.

This video demonstrates how the Russell Compact Sieve® is used to screen spray dried coffee granules. This industrial vibro sifter for coffee granules is capable of performing high-capacity check-screening by removing all oversize contamination from food and beverage powders and granules. This range of sieving machines is available in different sizes and configurations, fitting easily into production lines where space is restricted. Contact parts are made of high-quality stainless-steel which makes it perfect for the food and beverage industry as it is easy to strip down and clean without using extra tools and can be custom-built as per unique requirements.

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