Reclaiming sugar from marshmallows

Two-stage sieving process with the high performance sieving machinery helps manufacturer to recover sugar for reuse

It is always a challenge for food manufacturers to minimize product loss and to increase the production process to an optimum level. Within the confectionery manufacturing process, raw ingredients such as sugar are often recovered for reuse so it is important to utilize an effective sieving machine to allow maximum recovery. This demonstration video shows how the Russell Compact Sieve® efficiently sieves redundant pieces of marshmallow to recover sugar for reuse. Reclaiming sugar requires a two-stage process as marshmallow pieces have coconut shreds and sugar on them and customer had limited space in their unit and required this two-stage process in two separate locations. Also, the customer wanted to have a sieving solution which can help with tool-free assembly and disassembly and easy cleaning.

Firstly, the marshmallows are sieved on a mesh screen with large apertures with the Russell Compact Sieve® to remove the larger pieces of marshmallows and to collect coconut shreds, sugar and smaller pieces of marshmallows. The second sieving stage uses a finer mesh aperture to remove coconut shreds and any remaining marshmallow pieces to reclaim sugar which is free from oversize contamination for reuse.

The Russell Compact Sieve® is a high-performance vibro sifter popular in the food industry due to its compact size and ability to deliver higher throughput. The minimum contact parts of this sieving machine ensure easy cleaning and tool-free assembly and disassembly which reduces downtime.

The Russell Compact Sieve® and other Russell separation solutions have been used for many food applications globally. Russell sieving machines can be used to improve the product quality for food applications such as icing sugar powder, crystal and raw sugar, and many more food ingredients.

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