Sieving machine for fish feed

A high-capacity safety sifter machine sieves fish feed into 4 different fractions

A fish feed manufacturer was looking for an efficient separation solution to grade fish feed into 4 fractions. This demonstration video shows how the 600mm Russell Compact Sieve®, an industrial vibro sifter, effectively grades the fish feed into the required fractions using different mesh screens.

The Russell Compact Sieve® is the ideal sieving machine for the food industry due to its compact design and ability to deliver high throughput rates. At less than half the height of traditional round separators, the sieve provides considerable screening capacity without occupying extra space. The machine ensures contamination-free powders and liquid slurries, can easily fit into existing production lines, and is available in different sizes and can be custom-built as per unique requirements.

Russell Finex is a global sieving machine manufacturer and believes in machine testing before purchase to give complete peace of mind to customers that the equipment they choose is the right one for them.

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