Ultrasonic screen for grading refined flour

The Finex Ultima combined with the Russell Vibrasonic Deblinding System increases throughput and screening accuracy when grading refined flour

Flour is used as a raw ingredient in many food products, and as such must be of the highest quality. In this demonstration video, refined flour is graded to remove lumps and oversize particles using the Finex Ultima™, a high-performance vibro screen.

The Finex Ultima™ accurately grades powders or liquids on up to five fractions in one operation, removing oversize contamination to ensure improved product quality. This vibro screen is popular in the food industry due to its ability to deliver high throughput rates and its open frame design allowing for easy cleaning, an important requirement to maintain hygiene and avoid any further contamination.

Due to the nature of the refined flour, during screening the mesh apertures block due to the fine particles sticking to the mesh, causing inconsistent sieving and reducing throughput. Upgrading the Finex Ultima™ with the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System eliminates mesh blockage, ensuring increased flow rates as well as reducing downtime needed to stop production, strip down the machine and clean the mesh. This ultrasonic vibro screen applies an ultrasonic frequency to prevent blinding or blocking of the mesh screen, enabling accurate separation down to 20 microns.

Russell Finex provides trials for customers before purchase to ensure the machine chosen is best suited to their application.

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