Sieving whey powder

Russell ultrasonic technology prevents mesh blockage when sieving whey powder

As competition increases, and producers of whey powders are looking to capitalize the growing market, new ways to optimize their production process are being sought. Also, to fulfill strict standards of food hygiene regulations, it is imperative for manufacturers to make sure that all equipment involved in the production process protects the quality of the final whey product, from whey protein isolate and concentrates to hydrolyzed whey protein and lactose.

This demonstration video shows how the 900mm diameter Russell Compact Sieve® effectively screens whey powder by removing oversize contamination to achieve high quality whey powder. This vibro sifter is designed to deliver high capacity without occupying extra space in the production line and can be easily assembled or dissembled without the need for extra tools. The hygienic design of the Russell Compact Sieve® makes it the ideal solution for safety screening of food powders as it comes with an option of an enclosed lid and contact parts made of high quality stainless steel.

Whey powder is a fine food powder which can cause mesh blockage or blinding during the production process as the fine granules can stick to the mesh making it difficult to screen, resulting in reduced throughput. When combined with the Vibrasonic® Deblinding System, the vibro screen increased the throughput by eliminating the mesh blockage, which also reduced the downtime as the mesh stays clear throughout the process. This ultrasonic powder sieving system uses an ultrasonic frequency which breaks the surface tension of the mesh and keeps it clear from whey powder particles, providing high quality contamination-free whey powders.

Contact us to learn how the Russell Compact Sieve® and Vibrasonic® Deblinding System which scan help to improve your product quality and production efficiency.

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