Grading steel powder

The innovative high performance screening solution effectively grades steel powder

It is important manufacturers of powders such as steel powder to ensure the final product is of only the highest quality. A steel manufacturer was looking for a grading solution to sieve steel powder to eliminate oversize particles and ensure a uniform particle size needed for manufacturing different tools.

This video shows how the Finex Ultima™ effectively grades steel powder to separate oversize particles, providing maximum throughput with greater accuracy, and a high-quality steel powder. Steel powders are known to have a high bulk density, and therefore are likely to cause mesh blinding or blocking. This vibro screen can easily eliminate mesh blinding when upgraded with the Russell Vibrasonic® Deblinding System, an ultrasonic deblinding system which uses an ultrasonic frequency to break surface tension, making the mesh remain clear throughout the process. This system can easily screen powders down to 20 microns, making the mesh wires friction free and elimination blocking of the mesh screen.

The Finex Ultima™ is the ultimate solution for grading metal powder, designed exclusively for India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. This unit is equipped with many features including a unique rubber suspension mount for maximum vibration to the sieve, an open frame design for easy cleaning and high quality stainless-steel contact parts for machine longevity.

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